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Washington Redskins Promo Doll - Honus Wagner of Nodders 
Lot Number 1
Quantity: Bid Started: 09/12/2005 00:30:00 
Bid Open: 4000.00  Bid Ends: 09/28/2005 23:30:00 
Bid Count: 16  Overtime: 30 Minutes
Currently: 14000.00  Time Left: 0m 0s 

On very rare occasions in the sports memorabilia industry does the unquestioned signature piece in the industry come up for public auction. Remember the media circus surrounding the sale of the 1909-11 Honus Wagner T206 PSA 8, the premier baseball card in the hobby? Or the sale of Joe Jackson’s Black Betsy? Believe the hype, for this is a singular opportunity to own the “The Holy Grail of Bobbing Heads,” the original 15-inch Washington Redskins jumbo-sized promotional bobbing head doll. Over the past decade, as bobbing head dolls have gained in popularity, a handful of these oversized dolls have begun to surface. To date, this is the only Redskins promo to surface, a fantastic one-of-a-kind. These rare large bobbing heads are sometimes referred to as “airport displays dolls” and they are truly the toughest of all nodders to obtain in any condition. The normal-sized Washington Redskins dolls are among the most sought after dolls in the football bobbing head doll industry. This is the only known Jumbo Redskins doll that has been offered for public auction and it is a true gem!!
The monster sized, papier-mache doll exhibits no cracks, no chips, no dents or other visible flaws. The pristine original paint still exhibits the glow and polish as it had in 1961. In shades of maroon and gold, with the sparse white and yellow trimmed attributes, this piece is absolutely breathtaking. Imagine owning the finest Babe Ruth autographed baseball, or the best 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, the million dollar T206 Wagner; now imagine that it is MINT. As stated in Tim Hunter’s “Bobbing Head Dolls” price guide, this doll is the only known ‘Skins promo doll in the hobby and was located many years ago at the Washington National Airport (now Reagan Airport). This auction house sold this beauty before and with vigorous majesty, we will sell it again. With our hobby being almost as much ego as it is substance, we can proudly provide the sounding board for the eventual winner that this is the paramount object to behold. This doll was on display at this years National Convention, in Chicago, and drew “Mona Lisa” like raves from all who laid eyes on the crown jewel. Regardless of what this sells for, 5 or even 6 figures, how can you put a price on such exquisite beauty? We are about to find out.  
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